5G Technology is targeting adaptable air interface to hit significant improved performance relative to today’s technology.

In the following, HW, SW, NET, Spectrum, Energy/Power, number of users, end User Experiences of 5G are considered.

Here are brief descriptions of target metric which will be used to evaluate the success rate.

Experienced Throughput, this is throughput that end user experience for accessing the data, 10x higher throughputs are achievable.

Connection Density, this is the number of connections possible for given cell; 10x higher densities are achievable.

Spectrum Efficiency, this is the number of bits per bandwidth/Hz; 3x higher spectrum efficiencies are achievable.

Traffic Capacity, this is the number of users that can share the same network; 100x more traffics are achievable.

Network Efficiency, this is handling algorithms and time to make network connections between send and receive; 100x faster network response is achievable.

Energy Efficiency, this is the amount of energy needed to process data per bit; 100x lower energy is achievable.

This forum is to shadow 5G technology changes and shed light on to the requirements.