ORTENGA is a consulting firm which provides various Services related to radio technologies such as gNB, SATCOM UT, or Pulsed Radar applications.

Scoping, Scheduling, and Budgeting any project is fundamental to its successful business plan.

Scoping requires technical understanding of product and forming appropriate team which can deliver it.

Product definition is the most important scoping part of any consumer electronics and can be decomposed to Architecture and System definition of any radio application and must be designed and/or defined in such a way to meet Systems and Standards requirements.  

Product definition requires both System level understanding and market trend analysis.

ORTENGA is comprised of seasoned and skillful engineers who collaborate on innovative design in entrepreneurial environment to accomplish clients’ project.

Partner ORTENGA to succeed in your design and product delivery to the market.

Founded in 2016, Omnirad Radio Technologies Engineering Association, ORTENGA is grown its business span out of Southern California and provides services to start-ups, mid, and large size corporations.