RF/mmW/Microwave Radio Systems Engineering Online Course

Who should take this online course?

Engineers/Technical Marketing/Job Seekers who are interested:

  • To learn about overall wireless communication systems
  • To gain insight and compute RF/mmW/Microwave Wireless Systems performance parametric figure of merit, KPI
  • To understand the qualitative and quantitative contributions of each building block in the wireless systems
  • To gain architectural knowledge of RF/mmW/Microwave Wireless Systems
  • If you are RFIC designer and want to do trade-off study for RF impairments
  • Product Definition and Roadmap

The most popular coursed offered by ORTENGA for wireless Systems designers who are expected to deliver end product to market and need to be able design and/or debug wireless systems.

5G and IoT technology will be relying on Wireless Digital Communication Technology.

Proper design of RF/mmW/Microwave Radio Systems require a thorough engineering analysis of components’ requirement, such as; AGC, PA, LNA, OSC, VCO, PLL, MODEM, Mixer, ADC, DAC, Filter, and Antenna.

Learn about system architectures, trade off, and RF/Microwave impairments, which enable you to compute SNR for the system at different stages.

Explore Thermal Noise, Non-Linearity, Phase Noise, and Quantization Noise and their qualitative and quantitative impact on the system performance parameters, such as; Sensitivity, EVM, Interfering unwanted signals, ACPR, ENOB, SNR, Eb/N0, BER, VSWR, radiation pattern, polarization, communication link equation, etc.

Refund Policy

You can drop the course anytime during Lesson 1 and before viewing the Lesson 2, after registration.


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