Education has been the corner stone of any successful society during any time period.
In 21st Century, online education is an opportunity becoming a reality for everyone around the globe.

The field of Radio or Wireless Communications and Radar Systems Engineering have evolved rapidly during the past two decades. Many public and/or private institutions have attempted to address the increasing needs, yet specific curriculum which effectively addresses those needs is still lacking.

Traditionally, universities teach engineers an array of courses with the expectations that knowledge from such courses will be useful inside the industry  after the engineering students graduate.  By the time engineers have the opportunity to use that knowledge, it is already either obsolete or  some skill has perished.   In a competitive market, engineers need to demonstrate that knowledge before even getting that first opportunity.

Omnirad Radio Technologies Engineering Academy, ORTENGA, is addressing these needs.

At ORTENGA, we believe to start from the top of Skills’ pyramid and delve deeper as required by the project in hand.  In other words, start from the application that you would like to learn, understand what technologies this application is based on.  Break down each technology to skills set is required to accomplish the project.  Drill down and peel off the onion as much as you need to know and comfortable to spend time learning it.  This way, you have linguistic and necessary knowledge to engage, learn, and even contribute from the beginning, that is the value add.   Most importantly, you learn how to lead and assess your skills at each step of the way and determine your destination.  The goal you set is learning the application.

By 2020, 5G radio communications will reach 50 Billion devices to connect into the network, IoT, therefore radio communications will be an essential part of day to day for everyone around the globe creating tremendous new opportunities.

50 Billion devices will be connected via wireless network, IoT.  Every device will connect to nearby network hub. 

Small Cell and densifications will create large number of access points and convergence of 802.11 to 5G.  5G wireless communications will reach and exceed 10Gbps data rate via massive MIMO and BF.  Automotive radarand Telematics will be part of every autonomous car.  Wireless sensors and mmW antennas for 5G and IoT technologies will flourish with many new IP.  Therefore, radio communications will be an essential part of day to day for everyone around the globe creating tremendous new opportunities.

The market values of these opportunities will be over Trillion dollars.

Architecture and System design is the most important part of any radio application and must be designed and/or defined in such a way to meet system/standard requirements.

Our goal is to provide RF/mmW/Microwave Radio Communication Systems solutions to open market through our seasoned engineering team in unique cohesive real world program that is centered on Application Based Learning.

ORTENGA also prepares tailored training program for Corporations onsite.

For Corporate Onsite Training for engineering, executive, and not-technical professionals, send your request to¬†[email protected]

Current Offerings

ORTENGA300, Digital Signal Processing, DSP, Webinar

ORTENGA400, Smith Chart and Impedance Matching Techniques Webinar

ORTENGA510, MIMO Webinar

ORTENGA600, Multipath Fading Webinar

ORTENGA700, RF/mmW/Microwave Radio Systems Engineering Online Course is comprised of the followings:

ORTENGA800,Phased Lock Loop, PLL, frequency synthesizer Webinar

ORTENGA810, Delta Sigma Modulator, DSM Webinar

ORTENGA820,Antenna Analysis, Design, and Theory Online Course , 

802.11ad Webinar

802.11ay Webinar