Amplifiers Webinar

Amplifiers are known to be used in almost any system for amplifications. What may not be clear that it is just more than gain of the amplifier that are critical to system performance. This webinar covers Amplifiers for both Transmitter and Receiver.

Who should take this webinar?

Engineers/Technical Marketing/Entrepreneur/Job Seekers who are interested:

  • Explain function of low noise amplifier, LNA, and its impact in any wireless system
  • Explain function of power amplifier, PA, and its impact in any wireless system
  • To learn about power amplifier figure of merits
  • Explain function of Automatic Gain Control Amplifies, AGC, and its impact in any wireless system
  • To learn AGC figure of merits
  • Describe Adjacent Channel Power Ratio, ACPR
  • Explain the importance of amplifier efficiency and its impact on any wireless system
  • Brief review of S-parameters, reflection coefficient, transmission coefficient, return loss, insertion loss, and VSWR
  • Implications of return loss and VSWR on reflected and transmitted powers

5G and IoT technology will be relying on Amplifiers

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