• Glucose Detection and Measurement¬†

Glucose Detection and Measurement

Glucose aka sugar is an important source of energy in living organism.  Regulating the Glucose level in the body, which is essential contributor of one’s health, is of prime interest in the medical application.  There are three known technique to measure the Glucose level in one’s body, via Blood, Eye, and/or Sweat tests.

Blood test is known to be the best way to measure Glucose level as you may have seen on your annual physical test.  It is an invasive technique to draw blood and assess the Glucose level.  There are many handheld devices that allow the test by end users on periodic basis.

Eye test is fairly non-invasive technique that optically assesses the Glucose level.  You may have experienced that when you visit your Optometrist on annual basis.

Alternative way to measure Glucose is by testing human body sweat.  This is non-invasive technique which is preferred by end users.  Many companies are working toward design and development of wireless technique to measure Glucose via human body sweat.

Market traction and opportunities are tremendous for Glucose Sensor and Measurement for mobile UE devices.

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