Why Digital Communications use Data Packet?

Data Packets are used in digital communication to enhance transmitter and receiver synchronization as well as efficiency.

It is well known that digital data enhances spectral efficiency, noise immunity, and security.

Data Packets allow the transmitter and receiver to synchronize and authentication before data exchange.

Data Packets also comprised of error correction codes which allow some errors to be corrected without retransmission of the original data.


802.11ay Packet Format

802.11ay is the next generation of WiGig, aka 802.11ad, with mission to enable Augmented Reality, AR, and Virtual Reality, VR, and wireless backhauling applications.

802.11ay will enable 100Gbps connectivity for short range by utilizing MIMO, Channel Bonding, improved channel access, and enhanced beamforming training.

The following diagram illustrates 802.11ay packet format.

802.11ay packet, Enhanced Directional Multi Gigabit aka EDMG, is expected to be backward compatible to 802.11ad, aka Legacy, L, in the above diagram.

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802.11ad Packet Format

The following diagram illustrates 802.11ad Packet Format.



Short¬†Training¬†Field, is¬†STF¬†used for receiver¬†Automatic¬†Gain¬†Control,¬†AGC, and synchronization,¬†Automatic¬†Frequency¬†Control,¬†AFC, whereas,¬†Channel¬†Estimation,¬†CE¬†is used for receiver assessment and adjustment of parametric depending on the channel behavior.¬† Overall that is the purpose of ‚ÄúPreamble‚ÄĚ, STF and CE.


The Header is different for various PHY.  It contains Modulation Coding Scheme, MCS, and the length of data, aka Checksum.


Data is function of modulation and coding, MCS, and the length can vary depending on the PHY.


This an optional field meant for beamforming.  It allows the beamforming algorithm to be trained and optimized via the User Equipment, UE, and/or Customer Premise Equipment, CPE.

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