As FCC allocating higher frequency bands for 5G, it is expected that 6G will be sub Terahertz frequency bands starting at 125GHz.

At these frequencies the wavelength is so small and Ohmic losses are so high per unit length that it makes sense to integrate Antenna in Package, AiP, or even Antenna integrated with Front End Module silicon.

Therefore, 6G Technology will be about radio front end which is integrated within semiconductor technology.  Semiconductor technology and its capabilities will be centered and complete communication systems will be in order of 2”x2” at the most if not smaller.

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Emerging 6G Technologies

There are many articles about what 6G brings and enable for Terrestrial communications.

Here are some of obvious changes which you should expect.

  1. mmW frequencies reduce the component size
  2. hence, mmW frequencies enable more integrations
  3. off chip passive components can be integrated onto the chip or at least onto the package
  4. Passive components, e.g., Antenna, Filter, Transmission Line, Stub, Coupler, etc.
  5. Active components would be much more sophisticated
  6. Active components, e.g., ADC and DAC
  7. ADC and DAC would be broadband using interleaving technology
  8. Broadband ADC and DAC would enable SDR architecture

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