Analog to Digital, ADC, and Digital to Analog, DAC, Converters Webinar

ADC and DAC are becoming even more critical blocks of Transmitter and Receiver relative to decade ago.

This webinar covers ADC and DAC.

Who should take this webinar?

Engineers/Technical Marketing/Entrepreneur/Job Seekers who are interested:

  • Describe ADC function
  • Describe DAC function
  • To learn about quantization noise and the generation mechanism
  • Explain sampling ratio impact on the signal quality
  • Quantify SNR given ADC or DAC number of bits
  • Quantify over sampling ratio within SNR
  • Describe Effective Number of Bits, ENOB
  • Explain Direct Digital Synthesizer, DDS
  • Describe advantages and disadvantages of various frequency synthesis techniques

5G and IoT technology will be relying on ADC and DAC

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