RF/Microwave Frequency Synthesizer Webinar

Frequency Synthesizer, in particular Phased Locked Loop, PLL, are used in Radio and Basedband SoC. Understanding their function, block diagram, and being able to analyze their metric is essential to all in wireless community. This webinar covers frequency RF/Microwave Frequency Synthesizer.

Who should take this webinar?

Engineers/Technical Marketing/Entrepreneur/Job Seekers who are interested:

  • To learn about RF/Microwave frequency synthesizer and its function
  • Describe phase noise and its importance to any receiver
  • Identify various types of frequency synthesis techniques
  • Draw top level block diagram of any Phase Locked Loop
  • Analyze input and output relationship of any PLL
  • Describe reciprocal mixing and its importance to any receiver

5G, IoT, Radar, and WiFi will be relying on Frequency Synthesizer

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