• Emergency Vehicles in Smart City


The Smart City Concept has been taking shape for the past 10 years.

The concept is intelligent connectivity between commercial and public facilities to your handheld device, UE.

As you walk in downtown area, you will be able to access information regarding restaurants, bus or train schedules, post office, etc. at your request with much more user friendly applications.  You will be able to ask question of your UE and the response will pop up or voice to tell you about your destination, the ratings, wait time, menu, etc.

If you have a destination via train, your UE will make you aware of timeline, location, and other options to get you there, think of like Uber, Lyft, Amtrak applications are combined with much more info and extremely easy to use.

Currently, Barcelona is number 1 smart city, followed by Munich.

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Emergency Vehicles in Smart City

Any city quality of life can be measured by its First Responders’ services.

Currently, the dispatchers are the conduit between Emergency Vehicles and the person in need until the First Responders arrive at the scene.

In Smart City that would change, as soon as the person in need contact First Responders, i.e., Fire Department, they can be directly connected to the First Responders team leader heading to the scene.

That connectivity enables the First Responders to start their work even before they arrive at scene.

Paramedic is on the way and making the first introductions in advance.  The person in need is already in good hand and describing the nature of emergency s/he is facing.

The time of arrival, the specifics of neighborhood directions, etc. are all handled directly between the service provider and the user.

That type of service requires direct and intelligent 1connectivity between Emergency Vehicle and third-party mobile device.

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