Machine Learning Algorithms

There are many design problems which do not have known theoretical or analytical solutions, yet they have practical applications, therefore demand in the technical market space.

If you have any of these problems, ORTENGA has subject matter expertise to help you define the scope and then provide appropriate ML algorithm to address that.


Layoffs Aftermaths and Lessons Learned

Any company or individual gone through a round of layoff knows that is unpleasant experience and have lasting feelings and lessons learned for all parties involved.

The impacted employees learn that never assume any job is “permanent” and “no job” or company is safe.

The companies learn that the easiest part of the ordeal is laying off employees.  Their issues kick in as soon as layoff is executed.  Many loyal employees who remain are also emotionally impacted and the shockwave helps them to look at their options elsewhere more seriously.  The blind trust is gone.

Good companies pay anywhere from a few to several months of severance package and treat their employees with full respect and offer impacted employees training during and post layoffs to land another job.

The companies learn that productivity diminishes as time goes by and recruiting “fresh blood” becomes more challenging than before.  The employees’ referrals diminish significantly.  These impact the business bottom line, which was supposed to be improved after the “layoff”.

The companies either start changing their brand and/or even name or sometime being taken over by bigger corporations due to lackluster business outlook.  After all, layoff implies failure of the business plan which was set to motion by the business executives and leadership.

For those of you who were impacted, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  There are better opportunities waiting for you outside of your previous company.

ORTENGA was found after layoffs of late 2015 by network of colleagues and subject matter exports in Antenna, HW, FW, SW, and IC designs for radio communication and radar applications.  And most of us, if not all are better off and live happier and healthier life.