Value of Partnership

In the competitive consumer electronics products and services, every opportunity lost to adjust and gain overcome the competitors can be costly and detrimental to the business.

The following examples illustrates even big corporations with all their resources cannot develop both vertical business and supporting technologies for their business unless partner with others.

In order for them to survive and go forward meaningful partnership is a must.


Why T-Mobile and SpaceX enter a Partnership?

T-Mobile only invested in FR1 band of 5G, in particular 3-4 GHz band and can utilize existing cell site as gNB with NR.  This limits T-Mobile 5G market share to FR1 opportunities which is smaller portion of what 5G is about.

SpaceX has LEO SATCOM technology in Ku and Ka bands, yet does not have wide network of customers for SATCOM infrastructure which has designed and developed for past several years, without any meaningful ROI.

The solution is to both limited 5G market for T-Mobile and limited customer base SpaceX is partnership between them.  This partnership provides additional revenue stream for both T-Mobile and SpaceX which was not possible before.


Why Meta and Qualcomm enter a Partnership?

Meta has developed XR SW and Applications platform and yet does not have SoC technology to support it XR Applications.  Without control on SoC design and development, Meta cannot tailor their XR Applications to overcome competitors.

Qualcomm bread and butter business is SoC technology design and development and needs to find additional sources of business beyond Apple (as Apple MODEM SoC could be available in few short years, probably 2025).  As 2025 approached, Qualcomm outlook would be fuzzier and/or weaker.

Meta and Qualcomm partnership enable both of them, the additional revenue stream that was not possible without the other.


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