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“Part of the advantage of working with 5G-Courses.com as a startup is that agile mentality. You can go develop and iterate, but the key question is the go. We needed to start by offering some development, some feedback, and make some changes.”

Leslie Camino-Markowitz, Director, Corporate Learning Development, Keysight

“Excellent use of my time. Perfect split between technology and its business applications.”

Florian Hartmann, Business Development Manager, Cisco

“The best 5G training course available nowadays! Great trainer, Great course, Great quality! The course presented by trainer Emil Olbrich provides a huge amount of knowledge for 5G research and standardization in a very understandable way. Perfectly structured and organized slides with the high quality of explanations. This course put us into deep dive to 5G technology and provide deep understanding from Radio part (NR) to next-generation core (NGC). Fantastic explanation of use cases, NR, RAN, Core architecture and interoperability between 4G(LTE/LTE-A/LTE-APro) and 5G. Highly recommend this course!”

Nuriddin Gadoaliev, RF Engineer, Huawei


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